I want to design my participation strategy

I am interested in starting a participation process in my community yet am wondering on how to set up an adequate strategy. How do I define goals and how to I plan for the overall process? I need some guidance.

PartiCipate can assist: If you start your own participation process, there are a few things you need to know and consider. The 14 steps below guide you through all important considerations and preparations you should be aware of.

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Please think about the following stakeholders: Public decision makers at local/national/international level; CSOs/NGOs; private sector; experts; representatives of specific interests (minority groups, disabled, etc…).
Please think about steps before specific participation formats (e.g. mobilisation for event), during a specific event (rules of communication) and after your engagement (e.g. continuous communication channels)?
Please think about the following resources: Budget, Human Resources (e.g. moderators, event organisation), venues (size, accessibility), other resources (e.g. equipment, infrastructure, existing cooperation structures, online tools).