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Designing public participation with PartiCipate

Digital and Face-to-Face


Inclusive Public Participation Matters
Inclusive and meaningful public participation can lead to more informed decision-making. How?


Implementing inclusive public participation

Are you planning to initiate a participation process and you are not certain how and where to start?

Watch the experience of this Kyrgyz community in setting up their participation process

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Pciture of Sameh Al-Assali
As part permanent and historical partnership between the municipality of Nablus and GIZ, the municipality of Nablus has adopted the digital public participation platform CONSUL. We believe that CONSUL is going to be pivotal tool to promote effective and co-creative citizen participation in the decision-making process. Our motto ... We all have the right to participate.
Sameh Al-Assali
Head of customer care at the municipality of Nablus
We use the platform Adhocracy+ to recognize youth needs, their ideas, and proposals on youth promotion via organizing polls, surveys amongst local youth. The platform serves as a feedback system between the municipality and local youth.
Edilbek Tokonbaev
Head of the Balykcy Youth Center under the Mayor’s Office, Kirgizstan