About PartiCipate

Our Offer

PartiCipate is a digital one-stop shop that can help you to enable inclusive participation processes in your area and sector to engage citizens more meaningfully in decision-making. Whether you work for a government or another organisation, we have got you covered:

Our Vision

We want to enhance democracy through public participation – this increases transparency, accountability, and trust. Sustained change that citizens believe in can only happen bottom-up and not top-down. We therefore believe that participation should be accessible and free of cost for everyone, so that all citizens can get actively involved and foster change in their communities.

Our story

In 2020, we entered the GIZ Innovation Fund contest with our idea of using open-source software to bring democracy to people, especially those who are usually left behind. We were elected as winners of the contest – giving us some initial funding and a huge motivation boost to tackle the problem systematically. In 2023, PartiCipate was further developed into a standard product in the framework of GIZ’s systematic product portfolio management (SPM). As part of this, the platform was completed by a variety of advisory services for GIZ projects implementing public participation processes.