Interactive Online Event

Interactive Online Event enables citizens to ask and upvote questions during on- or offline discussions through co-moderators who sort and obtain a digital speech list.

Level of participation
Information Ideation Consultation Co-Decision
Duration of participation process

Preparation: 1-3 months for invitations, tool set up etc.
Implementation: -5 hours
Follow-up: ½ – 1 day for analysis and documentation

Target group size

< 15 people
15-30 people
30-100 people
100-250 people
> 250 people



Depending on event format

Human resources needed

At least two persons for preparation, moderation and documentation

The method: what is it, when to use it and what outcome to expect

The Interactive Online Event is a module and specific feature of the participation platform ‘Adhocracy+’. It’s aim is to strive for balanced discussions and activating all participants without loosing people due to monologues or alike. It is accomplished by forming participant groups for representative question-posing, engaging one moderation for online comments and one for offline, and upvoting of participant questions while applying participative methods (e.g. fishbowl, group work, panel discussions).

Interactive Online Events is used to turn any usual conference or discussion setting into one that activates and represents both on- and offline participants alike.

Interactive Online Events result in highly inclusive and diverse debating with a wide audience.

The process: how to conduct it in an in-person setting or online using a PC/laptop with video option

The method follows three steps:

  1. Preparation: Determine how to integrate the Interactive Online Event module into a plannedcitizen event and goals (e.g. when and how should participants contribute? Which questions should be asked to audience when?). Nook a venue and plan how to reach participants from all desired citizen groups. Invite participants, providing both access information to join online or offline. Set up a point of contact for participants. Hire or assign two professionals to moderate the process: One for online and one for offline participant as well as a technical consultant for the event. 
  2. Implementation: Every time participants bring in their contributions and ask questions online,the online moderation monitors and sorts those and brings them into the central debate. Participants meanwhile can upvote or comment those questions.
  3. Evaluation: Analyze the overall debate as well as which questions wereanswered and which remained open. Compile a report and share it with the participants, the interested public and to officials if desired.

Blended participation

The method is described as a blended method. Participants can choose to participate online or face-to-face.

Digital communication

The Adhocracy+ platform should be used when applying the methods as the platform features all necessary technical items that are needed for this method.

Good to know

  • Setting up the event on the Adhocracy+ platform is done in 1-2 hours



-​A test run prior to the actual event and especially onboard the moderation

-A tech contact that can help with technical issues during the debate

-​A readable visualization of online comments at the venue (e.g. large TV or projector screen) and a point to access them online

  • Works great for marginalized or minority groups 
  • Having a virtual comment stream may engage participants who are there in person but won’t engage live at the venue for their own reasons
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