What does participation mean to you?

At PartiCipate, we talk about participation all day long. But what does it actually mean to us and our project partners? And what are the reasons behind picking participatory methods over other methods?

To inspire you for your own participation journey, we have compiled our favourite quotes from the team and our partners:

To most of us, participation is about coming together and learning from each other:

“People can learn together.”

“Participation is not always straightforward. It can be a bit messy, but in the end, it is about finding a common direction to move forward.”

“Participation allows us to get different perspectives on the world. This makes it possible to Leave No One Behind.”

“With participation, you succeed in decision-making at every level.”

“Make sure to engage with your counterparts in the local language and reduce any barriers to participation.”

“Good participatory methods include vulnerable communities and empower them to become change agents.”

“Participatory tools provide both convenience and confidence.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact in the world of participation, furthering digital technologies and blended participation approaches:

“Online gatherings become more and more important. It is key to engage people in technologies and use new ways of participation.”

“It is very important that old people can also participate through the digital channels.”

“Use access to technology and innovation to include as many people as possible.”

“Participation is about meeting up and having informal gatherings, but it could also take the shape of online workshops like in the last couple of years.”

We have also seen a consensus about the importance of having fun with participatory methods:

“To me, participation consists of lively discussions and interaction.”

“Ideally, you create a dynamic atmosphere with participatory methods. Discussions can be informal and enjoyable. People should have the chance to listen to each other.”

“Participation should be fun and engaging! It can take the form of an informal discussion in nature, peer-to-peer learning, or a workshop. Make sure that participants have a good time.”

Now it is your turn! Do you feel inspired to go on your own participation journey in 2023? We are offering a free toolbox and a range of resources to get you started!

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