Citizen OS

Citizen OS is a non-profit organisation and civic technology registered in 2015. It has headquarters in Estonia and a newly registered chapter in Indonesia. The company operates worldwide through its free-to-use web application, In addition, Citizen OS offers education programmes to foster digital transformation, offering workshops aimed at activists and civil leaders. Participatory leadership and design thinking are key elements of the curriculum.

The goal of Citizen OS is to promote and strengthen democracy and civil society all over the world. The web application offers a flexible log-in and is multilingual. Languages include English, Estonian, Russian, Czech, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, and Slovenian. According to the principles of liquid democracy, users can also delegate their votes if the owner of a project enables this option. Anonymous discussions are not possible because of the Transparency and Moderation Principles of Citizen OS. However, the platform is popular internationally.

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